UC-Berkeley Rolls Out Free Online Blockchain Course

Course Simple Enough For Even the Barely Literate, Say Promoters

The University of California-Berkeley has rolled out its ‘Blockchain Fundamentals’ online blockchain course to the public. The university has announced that the course will be rolled out through the edx online learning platform for free in the future.

According to Berkeley, the course has been designed to be learned by anyone in the public, including those who don’t have an educational background in Computer Sciences. “We explain blockchain simply enough where you can explain it to your grandma,” said Rustie Lin, an instructor of the course.

Blockchain is the fundamental technology behind modern cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, although the technology’s early adopters and beneficiaries happened to be cryptocurrency investors, reliable forecasts have predicted that the technology could be a mainstay in the future of humanity driving innovations in fields like manufacturing, logistics, and even healthcare. In fact, organizations like Walmart, Maersk, and British Airways have already adopted the technology for delivering their services to their consumers across the world.

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